About Us


When Nevermore Mystical Arts opened only a few short years ago, we were a refreshing, new retail magic shoppe catering to the magically-inclined, monster hunters, and paranormal investigators. We specialized in selling hard-to-find magical supplies and curios, reference materials, and scientific investigation instruments.

Nevermore Mystical Arts had its roots as more “paranormal boutique” than straight up New Age or occult shop. We offered an authentic experience in a beautiful and inviting atmosphere.

It was a unique approach, in which scientific inquiry and investigation of the paranormal lived happily with old magical systems from around the world.

At Nevermore, you found a refreshing new retail concept with quality herbs, roots, oils, powders and candles along with investigation equipment and books on everything from spells to remote viewing to UFOs and cryptid research. Complemented by its eclectic décor, the shop also featured an inviting meeting space for classes & workshops.

“As an Asheville native, I’m excited to share my experience as an investigator and lifelong student of magic,” says owner Shelley Wright. “I see new faces in here all the time with wildly different magical backgrounds and abilities.” – Mountain Xpress

I had personally used these products, some of them for years, before I ever thought of opening my own store. I was so disappointed with the quality of what was available locally, which wasn’t much, that I set out to find the herbs, oils, powders, candles & kits that were made the right way & with the proper ingredients.

As Nevermore grew, I found I wasn’t able to give my time to what I intended to do all along, use my lifelong magical experience to create my own line of magical products made with quality ingredients in the true magical way. Between the store, the radio program, Speaking of Strange, of which I’d been a part of for 9 years, and a paranormal column I’d written for 2 ½ years for the local independent newspaper, The Asheville Daily Planet, something had to give.

While closing my brick & mortar store was bittersweet, I put all of our bestselling items online for my locals & a global customer base & began formulating my own potions.

One potion in particular was picked up by a friend & fellow paranormal researcher that everyone knows & who hails from our hometown of Asheville, NC, Joshua P. Warren. After experiencing the amazing results of  Shelley Wright’s Money Potion, he offered it on his website to his fan base & followers. It was an immediate hit.

My goal is to continue formulating quality products while continuing to have more paranormal adventures, which ultimately lead to new ideas.