I hope you enjoy reading my paranormal column. I wrote these over the course of about two and a half years for The Asheville Daily Planet, an independent newspaper located in my hometown of Asheville, North Carolina. Many are about past investigations or experiments I was involved in as a credentialed paranormal investigator. Some are about the places I visited with a paranormal or extraterrestrial history or reputation. All stories are true and some are pretty raw. Most names have been changed to protect the innocent. Except for Patty’s. You’ll meet her a lot!
While I stopped writing these columns in March 2018, my brand-new blog will take up where these left off. I have many more adventures and investigations ahead of me, most notably Peru in the near future, and I’ll tell you all about them!

A word of caution. Some of the situations I found myself in were embarrassing and you’ll see that I do not take myself too seriously, so feel free to laugh your butt off.  And even if you’re a non-believer, I think you’ll enjoy the ride.

‘twas the nightmare before Christmas ….

It was the week before Christmas and I was ready for a romantic getaway. But when my boyfriend Miles showed up at my door, he was different. Not quite himself. I shrugged it off and grabbed my bags and we headed out. We were on our way to a mountaintop retreat in a small town…

Palm reading: Sexy subterfuge or diagnostic tool?

Show of hands: Who thinks taking someone’s hands in their own and asking if they want their fortune told is sexier than asking what their sign is? Palm reading, or chiromancy, is definitely sexy, but it’s way more than just pressing and stroking and tugging flesh. It’s a tool. But the art is in the intuition and interpretation…

The Santa Claus experiment — Part 1

Over Christmas, I had the opportunity to participate in an experiment that Joshua P. Warren, my friend and host of the popular radio show, “Speaking of Strange,” set up to create a tulpa of Santa Claus….

The Santa Claus experiment — Part 2

n last month’s column, we were discussing the making of a tulpa, a thought-form that can be seen by others and interact with them. Since a tulpa is the sum of whatever characteristics are given to it, I asked myself questions along the way and learned from past experiments…

My first psychic attack

My parents were moving out of a house in Mars Hill that sat on 19 acres of mostly wooded land. It had formerly been a working organic farm that was featured in several magazines…

The friendly dead ….

I I lead a charmed life. I’m surrounded by the best family and friends anyone could hope for. But I’m also surrounded by the best spirits anyone could hope for. I’m never truly alone and I’ve come to come to appreciate that spiritual presence. It’s comforting and protective and has kept me out of trouble more often than not….

Investigating in the field (and thinking ‘there are lots of ways to die in here’)

The weather was perfect. By perfect, I mean tsunami winds and rain and a temperature dip that hit the mid-40s at night. By the time we entered the grounds, the storm had mostly passed, leaving the property with the gothic look and feel that delights all ghost-hunters and fills us with a deviant sense of anticipation and trepidation….

‘Possession amnesia’ or ‘oh, crap, what do I do now?’

A couple of years ago, I ran across an article in the May 22, 2014 issue of Fate Magazine titled “Possession  Amnesia: Mysteries in Prophetic Phenomena?”  What makes that different from what the TV psychics do? Isn’t that the same thing as trance channeling? I still don’t know. But let me tell you what it’s like for me….

Ouija boards: Portal to Hell or power of the mind?

When I open my own occult shoppe, I will carry Ouija boards. All kinds. I’ll carry the classic board that everyone remembers. I’ll even have one that glows in the dark! As if contacting the dead isn’t scary enough….

Voodoo dolls: The 5 stages of cursed grief

A few months ago, my friend Kane and I were sent voodoo dolls from another friend who visited New Orleans. The dolls were beautiful in their hideousness. Both were elegantly dressed in silk brocade fabric. The head was very heavy and decorated with black and white tribal markings reminiscent of the witch doctor in Scooby Doo….

Tricks, treats and spooks and beasts

I loved trick-or-treating. I still do. Most of the time, I dressed up as a witch. One year, my boyfriend’s mother helped me make a ghost costume out of white tulle. I found the directions in one of my Martha Stewart Halloween magazines that I collected every year. It was a billowy white….

Dead cell sets off years of mayhem

You’ve all probably seen Stephen King’s mini-series “Rose Red.” It was about an extremely haunted house located where several disappearances of family and high-profile individuals occurred, as well as several murders….

The ethics of magic….

Recently, I was involved in a car accident. Even though no one was hurt, we thought at the time, and we didn’t sustain much damage to our vehicles, we also thought at the time, the lady who hit me took every opportunity to say that it was my fault. It was not….

Dad’s home! … or is he?

One of the strongest  memories I have of my childhood is walking into bookstores and planting myself in the middle of the New Age section with all its books on ghosts and hauntings, ESP and psychic phenomena….

Trash hopping out of the can? Wasn’t my cats

This may come as something of a surprise,  but I don’t have an altar at my house. Nor do my spells rhyme. I also have never danced naked under a full moon. Always wanted to try that, though!…

Follow-up: The dead don’t stay buried

In my last column, I wrote about the first person I ever crossed over. She was a beautiful little blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl, about three or four years old and her name was Emily. I first came to know of her when she began picking pieces of trash out of my garbage can in the bathroom…

Investigating in the field: Haunted New Orleans, Part one

When we planned our haunted excursion to New Orleans, we were going to do all the tours: vampire, cemetery, swamp, haunted. The reality was we spent our whole trip totally drained from what I believe was our haunted hotel. The following represents a day-by-day accounting of what happened….

Investigating in the field… Haunted New Orleans, Part 2

In Part One last month, we experience strange phenomena, find out more about our hotel’s haunted history from an employee who encountered it first-hand and hold a seance to find out who’s haunting Building 5….

Investigating in the field … multiple locations, Part 3

Arrived at Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, La. Upon pulling up to the bed and breakfast known as The Most Haunted House in America, we noticed yellow caution tape barring our way to one of the outer buildings. Turns out, the Myrtles had a fire just one week earlier that completely engulfed the restaurant. Luckily, the Garden Rooms next door, the…

Bigfoot researchers receive more support than magical community

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon. As most of you know, not only do I straddle the world of the living and of the dead, I also straddle the scientific world of paranormal research and those of magic and magical systems….

Traveling like an explorer ….

I love going on an investigation or expedition and later seeing it on a TV show, where I can excitedly exclaim, “I’ve been there!” Of course, for paranormal investigators, it’s more like, “I was strangled there!” or “Dracula bit me there!”….

The saga of a cursed coin

My friend, Greg Capps, has a friend who lives near Seattle with whom he has sold and traded coins for years. It’s always fun to see what you get in the mail and, in this particular package, his friend had sent him a coin he knew nothing about, but that had cool occult-looking markings. He just threw it in the pile for free…..

Return to Lake Lure Inn: Facing my fears

My friend, Joshua P. Warren of Haunted Asheville, teamed up with Christian MacLeod, president of the Asheville Cryptid Society, to put on the Creeps and Cryptids Mystery Van Tour that departed from Asheville on Sept. 16. As we wove our way through the beautiful….

Spooky seance conjures dreams of Gothic Christmas

I have been fantasizing for a whole year now about putting one of the most amazing, wiry, fantastical looking candelabras I own into a most unusual and esoteric use: a seance!….

I wasn’t there! It was my doppelganger!

Most people blame things they’ve done — and probably shouldn’t have — on their pets. But what do you do when there is someone running around town who looks exactly like you, drives the same car you do, hangs out in the same places as you, in essence, is you, but it’s not you?…..

Affirmations, resolutions and things I just want to do

It’s time to begin another year and just like The Fool card in Tarot, it means a brand new journey. Two thousand eighteen is all shiny and new. It won’t be, of course, by the end of the year. But I think we need to take the dents and dings and scratches and see them for what they really are. They are proof of a life lived and not covered by plastic wrap….

Remote viewing for fun and profit

I ended up embarking on my quest to learn all about remote viewing just a week after I turned in my last column. In it, I expressed my sincere desire to learn this new skill in the upcoming year. Little did I know how quickly my adventure would begin….

The dead make great neighbors

Recently, I had the opportunity to get away for a few days. Even paranormal investigators get the wintertime blues and I felt the urge to go someplace warm, with palm trees and umbrella drinks served by cute cabana boys…

The dead make great neighbors, Part 2

In last month’s column, I wrote about my quest to find a new pet sitter who wouldn’t be frightened of my haunted house. We hadn’t even boarded the ship before she started experiencing ghostly activity….